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Our knowledgeable team of

NATE Certified furnace technicians are



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Efficient and Experienced Oil Furnace Repair Services

in Portland / Vancouver


Even the so-called ‘warmer’ months can seem quite cold thanks to the moisture and rain typical of the Portland/Vancouver area. A reliable source of heat is necessary to keep your Portland/Vancouver home comfortable throughout the year.

Usually customers contact First Call Heating & Cooling about their oil furnaces that:

  • Don’t produce enough heat – the system may be out of balance, a blower belt could be loose, a burner may be dirty.

  • Turn on and off repeatedly – the system’s oil or air filter may be dirty, the motor may need lubricant, or a blower could be clogged – these are all repairs best performed by a qualified, and experienced technician.

  • Are noisy – the belts may be worn or damaged, too loose or too tight, or the motor may need to be lubricated and the burner cleaned.

  • Is not working at all- furnaces wear out. How old is your oil furnace?



First Call Heating & Cooling—Skilled Oil Furnace Repairs


First Call Heating & Cooling, has the experience Portland/Vancouver homeowners need to effectively troubleshoot oil furnace problems. Our team is widely recognized due to high standards for HVAC repair, maintenance, installation and oil to gas conversion services. We work closely with our clients to identify the problem and design a solution.

Is your oil furnace performing poorly and costing you too much to maintain year-after-year? Perhaps it’s time to consider a replacement. Our knowledgeable team of NATE Certified furnace technicians can help you determine the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way to upgrade your home’s heating system.

Contact First Call Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment and have one of our technicians visit your home to inspect your oil furnace.

Our certified technicians have years of experience with all the leading makes and models of furnaces. So you can trust our service guarantee. We are proud to be BBB (Better Business Bureau) Accredited with an A+ rating which we strive to maintain.


Contact First Call Heating & Cooling and tell us the problem you are having with your oil furnace. We will help you determine what oil furnace repairs are necessary to get your home warm and cozy again.

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We can provide same or next day delivery!
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