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Oil Heating System Maintenance from the Experts at First Call Heating and Cooling


As the temperature outside gets cooler, your furnace is put to the test. A well-maintained furnace can keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the cold season. Conversely, a poorly maintained oil heating system compromises the heating capabilities of your furnace. With a program of routine annual maintenance, your home’s heating system can operate at its best.


Our furnace maintenance and tune up service includes:

  • Visual inspection of the entire system.

  • Vacuuming all heating elements, and removing dust or debris.

  • Checking flues to make sure they are clear.

  • Replacing filters.

  • Cleaning all parts.

  • Using a combustion test to measure efficiency.

  • Starting and stopping the furnace to test for operational efficiency.

Benefits of a Properly Maintained Oil Heating System

  • Your heating system will operate at maximum efficiency — you will not lose energy from leaking pipes.

  • You will save money on your monthly heating bills.

  • You will reduce the risk of fire or environmental contamination.

  • Your furnace will operate reliably throughout the cold season.


First Call Heating and Cooling is proud to serve the Portland/Vancouver area. If your oil heating system is in need of maintenance give us a call or contact us online today.

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