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About First Call Oil

Serving area homes since 1939, First Call Heating & Cooling is the largest provider of home heating oil in the Portland/Vancouver area. Just like everything we do, we’re committed to providing quality oil, prompt delivery, and professional service.


Warm and Comfortable

First Call sells only top quality home heating oil. Top quality home heating oil burns more efficiently, so will save you money. Reliable delivery of oil heat will keep your home warm and cozy through the cold winter months.


Prompt Delivery

With First Call, you can usually get same or next day delivery of heating oil.


Full Service Benefits

As a “full service” oil company, First Call offers an Automatic Fill program where we keep track of your oil use and automatically deliver heating oil when you need it. With approved credit, Automatic Fill customers have the option of a Three Payment Plan. Using the Three Payment Plan, financing  provided by First Call Heating & Cooling, spreads the cost of a delivery over three equal payments with NO finance charges.


Oil Furnace Services

First Call also provides a full range of heating oil furnace services – from installing or replacing oil furnaces; removing above ground decommissioned tanks and old furnaces. 

We can provide same or next day delivery!
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